Saturday, July 11, 2009


This is my new classmate. But just the back because i know them roughly, it only been 3 weeks. But i really like them. So much fun and noise. But it doesnt mean 517 is not fun. I miss 517 a lot. Been with them for quite a time.

The details about my new classmate is we in M09R and im the class representative a.k.a class president, becaese i talk to much in the first class that everyone (well except husna maybe) point to me when the teacher ask whos the class rep. We study in LR4 the only year one class on the ground floor.

My class consist of 15 people, including me. There is 6 boys and 9 girls. The boys are the math genius and all fun Ash(Ashraf), kind Zhariff, sleepyhead and hardworking Akmal, sexy saxsofone player Seed(Azmir) and my tablemate Wan.The girls are the talk-a-lot Peanut(Syafinaz) and dont ask why or you will regret it, funny Bazzy and her patner in crime Aleena the blup blup fish,the taiping girl Yana and Zatil, unpredictable Nisah, the lover girl Atiqah, the suprise me all the time Yanti and last but not least, someone i dont want to mess with Husna.

ell, so far thats all i have to say about them, my new classmate. Next time maybe i introduce one by one. But with permision of course. I hope i didnt offended anyone. If i did, im so so so sorry. Nice to know you guys. Let strugle together to the very end...

p/s: i said i know so little but write so many. lol.

thEory oF loVe...

Love is an idea,
Nothing more or less..

if you lost the idea,
if you somehow forget it,
the person you love become a stranger,
not a friend...

but if you and your ex are friends,
then the love is still there,
but it is being ignore..

Love live in the memories,
it can be forgotten,
but sadly,
it can also be remember...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 wEEks in KMB

wow. seriously i already spend so much time here. i like it so much. i met new friends, and still had a chaotic classmate. im noisy as always and most of the people know me or at least notice me cause im so hard not to notice( don't ask why).

My roommate is fun too. i usually torture him with my none stop babbling and he just seem okay with it for now. but dont worry i will gradually reduce my babbling as time goes by. i really really have a lot of idea and stuff to write, but i dont have a laptop yet and have no idea how to get internet service.

i also found a lot of talented tennis player here. it is so exciting because there is a lot of people that is better than me and i can improve my skills and experience playing with them. The facilities here is okay maybe this college is kinda old but the buildings looks new.

This IB is a diploma that means "internationally busy" is keeping me on the move 24\7 and thanks to it i will have no social life for two years. But i will still have fun. i love to stay and write more but sadly time is running out. maybe later i will write somethings else.

Thats all for know. TTFN(tata for now)