Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 wEEks in KMB

wow. seriously i already spend so much time here. i like it so much. i met new friends, and still had a chaotic classmate. im noisy as always and most of the people know me or at least notice me cause im so hard not to notice( don't ask why).

My roommate is fun too. i usually torture him with my none stop babbling and he just seem okay with it for now. but dont worry i will gradually reduce my babbling as time goes by. i really really have a lot of idea and stuff to write, but i dont have a laptop yet and have no idea how to get internet service.

i also found a lot of talented tennis player here. it is so exciting because there is a lot of people that is better than me and i can improve my skills and experience playing with them. The facilities here is okay maybe this college is kinda old but the buildings looks new.

This IB is a diploma that means "internationally busy" is keeping me on the move 24\7 and thanks to it i will have no social life for two years. But i will still have fun. i love to stay and write more but sadly time is running out. maybe later i will write somethings else.

Thats all for know. TTFN(tata for now)


  1. pity u la 2 hve been soo busy...

  2. I'm happy that you ok at kmb. hope you can study well.