Wednesday, August 26, 2009


When i was in the lower form, i hate wearing boxer. But after i try one it kind of cozy to wear one.So, from that day i always be wearing boxer but in emergency cases like boxer is out of stock i`ll wear my underwear.

But the story that im going to write is not the history but what amazing things i done in my boxer. Lot of things actually. It kinda funny that why i decided to wrote it.

I had gardening in my boxer, like trimming the garden in it, watering it, and lifting the big big vase or pot around the house and yes im in the boxer

I swim in the beach or should i say ocean in it, and also rivers and swimming pool. It quite convinience cause all you have to do is get rid off your pant or what ever your wearing and splash into the water. Easy i know no need to wear the bathing suit or swimming trunk.

i also play tennis in my pink boxer once in Jasin. It was fun and comfortable
compared to the track bottom and yes i won. But that was in Jasin and i play against Rempit (not real name).

Well basiclly i in the boxer most of the time in my home and in school or college. Im not embarased by it who cares and i dont care if anyone cares.

So, i like wearing boxer.A lot. LOL.


  1. haha exactly like my brthrs...
    dah tak reti nak pakai sluar da kat rumah tuh..haha

  2. Cik bazy ceria oi..
    if i tell story bout bra and panties it would sound wrong isnt it??

  3. wow.... thanks a lot for sharing ur boxer thingy to me. i love it. haha