Monday, August 3, 2009

Woke up to A loveLy mOrninG..

I woke up early today, as always to do what i have to do. After having quite a fatty breakfast which is a burger fill with mayonnaise and a very very diabetic kind of Milo, i grab the keys to my motorcycle and of course the helmet and heads out. I was sleepy, very very sleepy, but i`m cautious when i ride the bike cause it been a month a i didn't ride its so scary. I arrive at Imkeda, early so the very the early. LoL. I thought the training start at 9 but it start at 10. So i when the the nearest guardian to buy a pimple med cause i have a big pimple. Shitty shit. At 9.30 i arrive again in IMKEDA. still early so i slept on the counter for half an hour. So sleepy. At 10 the sis at the counter wake me up and i went to the site for my training. I did it easily as im so the very the hebat!! LoL. After that i head home now im in front of the computer rather suprise when i check my email or maybe im afraid or coonfuse or happy dont know which one yet but im hoping to solve it fast...

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