Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I dO on WeeKend...

This day i do a lot of things in the weekend. Having a life of a teenager. Let see what i have done so far. 10 things..

  1. Outing to banting and hang out in mcD.
  2. Went to Alamanda and watch quarter of a movie.
  3. Sleep in Surau Banting with the mosquitoes.
  4. Sleep on a tables in the cold.
  5. Went to sir Badarudin house(sound`s dad)
  6. Play Dota and CS.
  7. Watch movies. Lots and lots of movies.
  8. Sleep really really late or never.
  9. Shuffles hideously and get sticky and all sweaty.
  10. Memorizing quotes in Pudu Raya.
Trust me it sound normal and boring but it the best adventure i ever had in a few weekend. I'm so living my life.

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