Monday, August 3, 2009

My liFe so FAr...

This day, i am overwhelming with IB stuff. There CAS hours to collect, assignment to be complete, report to finish etc. But still enjoying life cause i will live it to the fullest.

I did a sketch with the theme 1Malaysia the other day. It sucks cause my line was cut by my beloved BAZY. lol. But i don't care that much it just we look really really silly. But overall the sketch was a success, we won and will be performing again.

I love my TOK(Theory of Thinking) class. It make me thinks a lot. Thinking is my hobby. I love to think about the future, the past and the present. I manipulated facts just to justify them. I think freely as i want. But this habit has cause me my love. Because i think to mush i lost her. lol. Ignore that. The latest topic of This class is abortion. Its really really complicated. But fun. I get to see a lot point of view about abortion.

I talk a lot to these days. Lots and lots. I think i really need to control it. It started to annoy people and me. lol. But maybe i talk a lot because i`m afraid of the silence and being lonely. Who knows. But sometime i`m grumpy, and my classmate was so worry that they seem to be afraid to be noisy. That happen when i had a bad morning or i sleep really late. So beware..

That it for now. i love to write and love to know people are reading it. So do comment. Adios.


  1. omg..did u just realise u r some kinda pain in our ass?gagaggaa...but at most time u cheer up the's better than havin some gloomy day rite? ur words..someone might hurt..

  2. miss u to moony..
    ykerr seed.. saperr might terasa??

  3. mase time ko senyap, x best ah. rase cam kurang something je kt klas. lps ni, jgn senyap2 lg tau!

  4. everyone one in particular

  5. yeah3!im ur beloved bazy.syg mole.
    HAHA.mole mulut bising!