Monday, June 22, 2009

a FUN adventure...

Today is saturday. i was wake by my dad. he told me something but I'm dint even know what he said but it sounded like we`re going out. i went to the toilet to wash my face n brush my teeth. i wear the first shirt i got my hand on.

i went down stair, pick up the helmet and wait outside. quite long he make me wait.but I'm to lazy and sleepy go get inside back. we hop on the motorcycle and ride on. vrooomm vrommmm...

i had no idea where we are headed. i close my eyes a lot cause I'm so sleepy. i was shock when we arrived at the KLCC. hell. Im wearing a track bottom and a shirt i wore yesterday. hope i dint smell that bad.

i wonder why did he choose KLCC. we went to the isetan. just window shopping. i have no idea what are he searching for. after go up and down and up again. suddenly he said, "lapaq la, jom mkn".so we head to KFC which i dint really like. we eat and talk. so finally i know we came here
to find my stuff for college.hahaha. i was like, KLCC? bapak aku ni biar betul. hahaha.

after finishing our meal my father head to the parking, so we are not going to buy stuff here after all. he just want to see the sale in another trip to masjid india.Mydin. bru betul abah aku.hahaha. we buy lots of stuff here. like bed sheet,stationary,brush,soap and more. but i didn't take much cause we ride a motorcycle.

when we arrive home my mother kind of babbling.why didn't go to Sogo? this and that. but I'm not picky. so i dint really care.i like what i got already. i`ll live.
this is fun. went shopping with dad and didn't even take a shower.hahaha. i love my dad..
happy fathers day abah... <3


  1. yelah, srius ak tekjut
    nk shopping, but naik motor?
    hoho ;)

    besau ke bonet moto tuh.