Thursday, June 18, 2009

House M.D

  • So far this story end at season 5. Well it end not as i expected. If you are watching this story, i meant tv series you would know that house never wrong and end up solving all case he got. That make him pure genius, despite the fact he is rude, has no manner and his life is misrable. But what i like about him is he see thing through rational ang logic thought. Mean his judgement were not base on feeling or any part of the unrational brain. By the way, what im going to say is this season sucks. Kutner die so suddenly, and the finale is house is crazy. How coulg the brilliant doctor that never make mistake gone crazy. What the hell right. But, i cant judge it yet, because maybe the will be the next season where everything will fall to place. I hope so or my favourite tv show sucks...

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