Saturday, June 20, 2009

What interesting things i did since i finish school to i start college...

The reasons i did this because my holiday is almost finish, and i want to tell about it . The real reason is couldn't sleep. This going to start when i finish school, and end today, the last weekend before college...

  • nEw zEalaNd - i spend 3 weeks there at my sister place. It was all fun and relaxing thing to do after all that hard work and my mother say it a gift for my good Spm result which i didn't get it yet. Funny right, but thank god it was good.

  • PLKN - well all i had to say it was hellish and make i next interesting even.Another thing, it was for 3 month.

  • MaSSive heaRt BreaK - it happen the day i got the spm result. It happen because of me. Being what i am and the hellish experience for 3 month.

  • woRk for 3 daYs but thE pay iS 300++ - dint ask where i work or how i got so much pay. only a certain people know and they better shut up. But the 3 days work is not interesting because of the pay, and only 2 people know about it.

  • been iN a NighT cLub - they will be first for everything. so i go have a dance and that it. just want to experiences it.

  • AcT IN a ComMercial - thank for jihah for this one. believe me or not i did it and its in a club and with Search. but it was tiring like hell though. but the pay and experience pay it off.

  • QuiT sMokIng - they will be first for everything, but no last for the most of things. but smoking is a no to me. but a few puff is to take me off the edge. don't ask the reason.

  • leArN tO DriVe a cAr - hate it though driving a car. i like motorcycle better. it fast as you don't stuck in traffic but it a big risk to me and you.

  • eXpeRienCe an aCciDeNt - motorcycle thank to KORAY for this. well most of this experience is thanks to him.

Well,that wrap it ups. That all, i think, the best things happen to me during this break. But it not all good. It sucks more than it was good. But at least it over. I'm moving on and I'm happy that i was miserable.